Investing in Information Infrastructure

Our investment thesis includes B2B, Bitcoin, Cyber, Data, Fintech, Govtech, Infrastructure, and SaaS. We transform critical and legacy technology stacks into modern software services.
B2B 🏢 Bitcoin 🔐 Cyber  🖥 Fintech 🏛 Govtech 🇺🇸 Infra ⚙️ Ops 🏗 SaaS 💻

Our Principal is a former Google and Apple engineer with over 20 years of operating experience.

How we add value

  • Distribution: sales, marketing, partnerships
  • Operations: efficiency
  • Finance: capital structure
  • Technology: platform
  • Governance: board, management

Our investment thesis

  • B2B, bitcoin, cyber, data, banking, healthcare, infrastructure
  • Physical and digital commerce and distribution
  • Infrastructure and APIs / commerce platforms

If you are an accredited investor, reach out to learn more about our deal criteria and target returns.